Magma 0.4, work in progress

Quite some time has passed since last increment in the minor version od Magma, but we used this time wisely evaluating many use cases on 0.3 to understand better how to evolve 0.4 .

The 0.4 release will focus, on one side, to rationalize actual code base, extracting and generalizing come common structures and core libraries to make them more reusable. On the other side some parts will be heavily revised (read - rewritten), especially the web system, to make it lighter and offer a better integration with other web frameworks.

In the mean time, I'm pleased to announce that MongoDB support on 0.3 is almost finished, Magma now reads and writes correctly from MongoDb ... and at a blazing speed. Unfortunately, due to the different nature of MongoDB, moving from Hibernate or OpenJPA is not as simple as replacing the package in the pom.xml file, but requires to add at least one annotation to some beans. However, we migrated from Hibernate to MongoDB an application having more than 20 entities in little more than 2 hours, which is quite good and far better than our expectations.

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